Black Friday

Holiday season is coming up. How do you create a deal that shoppers just can’t resist?

What is the perfect Black Friday offer? The one where people think “Oh, my god! I’ll never get a better deal than this!” and rushing to buy – immediately.

This guide takes you through how to put together those offers and create high-converting deals that not only skyrocket your sales, but also contribute to longterm growth.

Here’s your go-to guide.



of November was top performing day. Not surprisingly as it was the Friday of Black Friday week.


more transactions during Black Friday than any average day during the year.


is the age group that shops the most during the week.


So, is your store ready for this multi-day shopping event? On November 29 (Black Friday) and December 2 (Cyber Monday) is particular shoppers will willingly open up their wallets for the right deal. In 2018, the average U.S. shopper spent as much as $413 over this period.


of shoppers are women, making them slight majority.

1. Choose your bargains wisely.Your first challenge: pick the right products to discount.

It’s important to choose products that bring in the
right customers; people who are great for your
business long-term, people who are likely to buy
more from you in the future, people who match your
brand. Pick your offers with them in mind.

Another aspect to consider is your margin on
specific products. Cutting 50 percent off the price
of an item that has a 20 percent profit margin will be
more painful, at least short-term, than an item that
has a 70 percent profit margin.

Don’t be too afraid to lose money upfront. As long
as you successfully target the right customers and
inspire them to buy more further down the line –
or even immediately at the point of purchase you
will get more later on. “Loss-leaders” can be very
profitable in the long run.

Keeping full price?

Do you want to keep specific items at full price at
all times? For example, you might have one product
that brings you a significant profit, and diminishing
its value would hurt your bottom line too much.

Finding that balance.

Is it worth discounting certain items now that
customers would have paid full price for closer
to Christmas? But equally, if they ignore you
now because of poor offers and head to your
competition instead, will they bother coming back to
you for their Christmas shopping at all? It’s up to you
to find that balance.

“He or she who can
afford to spend the
most to acquire a new
customer, wins.”
– Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of

As long as you have a strategy and plan for how to
turn loss-incurring sales into profitable sales down
the line, you’ll be fine. One way to decrease risk is to
run a few A/B tests small-scale, and expand on what
works well – either this year or next.

Check your expenses.

What can you afford to lose short-term to win
long-term? Make a budget for Black Friday and
Cyber Monday, taking into account key factors like
advertising costs, profits and losses for discounted
products, the lifetime value of customers, payroll,
cash flow and so on.

Is there power in numbers?

Is it better to focus on having ONE unbelievable offer,
or would a dozen bargains work better? Here’s where
your knowledge about your customers and your gut
feeling as an entrepreneur comes in.

2. Get creative with your discounts

The main pull of a Black Friday offer is the discount. And as you well know, discounts can be set up in all kinds of ways.

Alternative 1.

On the most foundational level, there are only two
types of discounts to play with during Black Friday
and Cyber Monday:
• the percentage discount
• the cash amount discount
Customers can get $10 off, or 50 percent off – and
it can be applied to a specific item, a collection of
items (“everything on this page 50 percent off”), a
whole category, or the entire site.
That’s the easy route, and probably the most popular.

Alternative 2.

To take it further, you can add specific conditions
for the discounts to increase profitability, target
a group of customers, get them more involved, or
reward loyalty:
• “Spend $20 and get 50 percent off anything
you buy”
• “Spend $20 and get 50 percent off anything you
buy AND free delivery”

• “If you are 50 years or older, you’ll get 50 percent
off today”
• “Answer this 1-minute survey, and get 70 percent
• “Buy any 2 products and get 40 percent off
your entire basket”
• “If you’ve bought from us before, use the code
VIPLOVE at checkout for an additional 10 percent

Alternative 3.

No matter if you take an “easy” discount route or
the more sophisticated one, don’t forget to make
use of the most effective condition of all: The
• “Buy within 30 minutes and get 70 percent off
this item”
• “Buy before midnight and get free delivery”
Creating urgency is one of the oldest sales strategies
in the book. For that reason, many online
retailers even display a countdown timer to remind
consumers that their discounts are about to

3. Make your offer a no-brainer.On top of your discounts – or as a separate way to create a Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy among your customers – you can throw in something extra to seal the deal.

What bonus gifts could sweeten the offer?

Include a special item with the purchase,
exclusively for this special event, but make sure
it’s relevant to what they’re buying. What are
your customers aiming for? The bonus could
complement the purchase or help customers get
the most out of it. It can be applied sitewide, or
attached to a category or a specific item.

What upgrades can you include?

Just for this event, give away something you would
usually charge extra for, like a premium delivery

How do you give instant gratification?

If the customer has to wait 1-3 days for delivery of
the product, what can you give them “right now”? For
example: “You’ll not only get 50 percent off these
hiking shoes, you’ll also get immediate digital access
to our Staff Hiking Guide – our collection of amazing
hiking routes around the world – so you can start
deciding where to use those shoes”.

What exclusivity can you offer?

“If you buy this item today, you’ll get invited to our
[special event] that we normally charge $30 for. If
you can’t go yourself, it’s a perfect gift to any friend
who loves ____.”

Also, don’t forget.
Make use of pricing psychology to help your
customer understand what a good offer it really

The Wall Street Journal tells the story of
Williams-Sonoma. The company introduced a
bread maker to the market, priced at $275, but
customers were hesitant to buy. It did poorly. It
wasn’t until a slightly bigger, better-functioning
bread maker was displayed next to the original
one, at double the price point, that sales of the
first bread maker skyrocketed.

“What’s the best
way to sell a $2,000
wristwatch? Right next
to a $12,000 watch.”


Does the same logic apply to your products?
Test it out.

4. Make it easy, fast and hassle-free.

A big part of your irresistibility is how convenient the full Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping experience is.

Let’s say someone clicks on a social ad promotion
or a link in an e-mail, or has heard from a friend
about your sales – what happens next?

Unfortunately, even experienced retailers screw
up the opportunity to make the most of this
event. Here are some common mistakes:

  • Making a Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    deal hard to find. You can avoid visitors-getting-
    lost syndrome by using landing pages
    and sections on your website that are dedicated
    to this event.
  • Making it too complicated to buy. Most of
    your visitors are probably checking out deals
    from lots of other websites too, and are
    not very patient. If it’s a hassle for them to

complete the checkout process, with lots of fields
to fill in and buttons to click, they’ll be spening their
money elsewhere. How many steps must shoppers
complete before they are done? Remove all friction.
The quicker the checkout process, the better.
Customers will remember how smooth it was to buy
from you.

  • Not thinking mobile first. The year is 2019. You
    must make it hassle-free to complete purchases on
    mobile. If you don’t, you’ll lose sales. Mobile-friendliness
    is not a nice-to-have, but a must-have. Considering
    the number of spontaneous purchases during
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can’t afford to
    be missing out on the floods of mobile-first shoppers.
    Check your website via Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test service.

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5. Tweaks for Black Friday success.

  • As always, upsell and cross-sell to bump up the
    average order value with special event extras.
  • Personalize the shopping experience as much
    as possible. For example, let visitors know
    upfront how and when they can get orders
    delivered, based on where they live.
  • Use your post-purchase e-mail sequences
    to progress your relationship, support your
    customers, inspire them, educate them to
    make them hungry for more, and give them new
    promo codes to use.
  • What risks are they taking by buying from you?
    Don’t hide your guarantees; shout about them.
    Consider coming up with an irresistible “Black

Speacial thanks to Klarna for this blog post.

Friday and Cyber Monday Guarantee” too, by
extending the returns period from 30 days to
60, for example. The safer people feel about
buying, the better for you.

  • Let customers spread their payments. The
    upcoming holiday means expenses are adding
    up, and people who don’t have an unlimited
    amount of money in their bank account
    might resist buying from you – no matter how
    good your deals are. Many will appreciate
    an opportunity to spread the cost of their
    purchases into monthly payments. With Klarna
    in the checkout, you give your customers the
    opportunity to split their payment into four
    equal installments. Interest-free.

It’s all about the checkout.

It’s easy to attract customers with a big discount, but how do you make them come back to shop for full price? You have to make sure that the shopping experience is hassle-free, and then it all comes down to one thing: The checkout.


of US shoppers list
the speed of checkout
as one of the most
important shopping

– Statista – Online Shopping
Behavior in the US.


of users say they
would have abandoned
their purchase if
installments weren’t

– Klarna Internal.


of US shoppers list
the speed of checkout
as one of the most
important shopping

– Klarna, Experience is
the new loyalty, 2019.

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